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SAGACITY – The Periodic Table of Emotions

The Periodic Table of Emotions is a live application which capture s the mood of a city. It is based on sentiment analysis of live feeds or those who tweet directly to the application. It is ultra responsive in that an emotion can be illuminated within 30 seconds of it being sent and being represented on screen  in full hue. The colour fades with lack of use over time. I have ‘weighted’ the emotions so that they mimic the periodicity of the elements – so happy is lighter than Ecstasy – although we all have our own weighting for emotions and experience is subjective.

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The installation has been presented and used at conferences, exhibitions, festivals and public realm as a live installation to take the emotional temperature of the event. If this interests you please contact me.

The original print is also available

Following on from the digital version of Sagacity DCA in partnership have printed a Limited Edition version of the Periodic Table of Emotions.
Edition of 118
Sixe 72cm x 111.5 cm.
Archival Pigment on Hahnemuhle Photorag 308gsm
Cost – £132 including VAT
Available from Dundee Contemporary Arts

Stockholm 2015

In September 2015 I went to Stockholm for the first exhibition working with Catrin Andersson and Jan Heinonen. This was going to be an ongoing collaboration and as way of introduction we should some work we had made previously. This was to introduce each other and to explore how our work may combine as a collaborative process. The three of us had never met each other – a true seat of your pants work. Whilst the collaboration did not evolve – unfortunately – we did have 2 positive shows.

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Helsinki January 2016


Just outside of Helsinki city is small gallery by the woods – a little fairy tale space – where over the a few days in January I installed an exhibition with Jan Heinonen and Catrin Andersson. This was the second exhibition in a series exploring the potential of working together in a more consistant manner – a space where we can explore our work through art and language – beyond the Finnish, Swedish and English.


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