A man at a desk talking to an audience. On the table are plants a computer, books and weather paraphernalia
Performance of Naked Smelling of Rain

I was Naked, Smelling of Rain has just featured as part of the Southbank Centre London Unlimited Festival. This show is now ready to tour. Please contact for more details aidanmoesby@gmail.com

This intimate, moving and connecting experience is an artistic response to the physicality of weather, dis/connectedness and being ‘alone’ or ‘lonely’.

I was naked, smelling of rain explores the impact of the external physical and social weather on our internal psycho-emotional weather.

We are at a critical point of the climate change and mental health crises.

We are the most connected ‘on demand’ generation, yet seem to have lost touch with who we are and where we fit in the world.

We mediate our life through technology and screens.

Are we ever truly where we are and present?


Aidan Moesby is a curator, artist and writer who explores civic and personal wellbeing through a body of work that is at once playful, intimate, questioning and deeply human.

Please have a browse around my site – a lot of my work deals with climate change, mental health and art.

I am always interested in conversations and collaborations so feel free to get in contact.