Between Stillness and Storm

I believe we are at a dual crisis in Climate Change and Mental Health. This work Between Stillness and Storm is an outdoor sculptural installation, creatively repurposing weather-sensing equipment such as balloons, anemometers and solar panels to meditate on states of well-being, and how we use the weather to talk about our inner, emotional and mental, health. A co-commission between Unlimited Impact and Northern Festivals Network has seen me develop work for festivals – a new departure for me – as i generally work on a small initmate scale – working on a large festival scale has been a massive challenge. This is a collaboration with Tim Shaw and produced by Kerry Harker. The core architecture of the work is weather balloons and the supporting framework is a mixture of solar synthesisers, anenometers, flipdots displaying a library of cultural references to the weather, field recordings, wind activated bell tree and other ‘guest’ works which respond to the weather which we incorporate according to the site. The work has been shown at

Between Stillness and Storm tour:

7-9 July 2017 – Bluedot Festival, Jodrell Bank, Cheshire

21-23 July 2017 – Underneath The Stars Festival, Cannon Hall Farm, Barnsley

28-30 July 2017 – Cloudspotting, Gisburn Forest

18-20 August 2017 – Just So Festival, Rode Hall, Cheshire

15-17 September 2017 – Head For the Hills, Ramsbottom Cricket Ground

Following the final festival the work is being evaluated with a view to redeveloping it for different venues and audiences.

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