Fragmenting the Codex

In the beginning there was just an idea of how nice it would be to work with someone on a collaboration. I get tired of working alone sometimes and think that collaborations always take you to the most unexpected of places that you would never go to alone.

The application form suggested I needed a producer. Ive never had a producer and didn’t know how to go about getting one. So i did what any one would do these days and turned to Twitter. Within a couple of days I had spoken to a few producers and some had ruled themselves out for geographic reasons or conflict of issues.

Fortunately one of those people had seen the tweet as she was flying back from Brazil via Lisbon – i like these chance things. Rearranged a meeting in Edinburgh. We realised we had been involved in another project together though never actually met as she had been behind the scenes.

We had similar ideas, liked the whole communication, dialogue aspect of work and decided upon this as a theme. Fortunately Mairi knew just the person to make the collaboration. Pum, based in Glasgow, working with collage. Mairi brokered a meeting and the rest as they say…Except not quite.

The first steps were faltering. We had 6 months, but would this be enough to make work together. We spent those 6 months exploring language. We shared language but we did not necessarily share meaning. However over time we gained an understanding of each others’ language. This all came together at a week long exhibition at Summer hall, Edinburgh in November 2014. Since then we have shown the work again at a variety of Unlimited showcases and elsewhere.

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