I was naked, Smelling of rain

I was naked, smelling of rain is my latest R & D project exploring the relationship between our inner psycho-emotional weather and the outer physical weather.  I believe that climate change and mental health are the two biggest crises we currently face. The particular focus upon this iteration of naked, smelling of rain is loneliness and presence.

Over the last year I have undertaken my research on residencies including the urban – Stockton; the semi rural – St. Ives; the far north – Kirkenes. On each to these residencies I was in contact with psychiatrist David Cousins as a cultural/research provocateur. I underwent simple tasks – repeated in each location, and some unique to each location, i self monitored, we engaged in conversations on Skype, phone and text.

I was hosted and supported by a variety of people and organisations Unlimited, Arc Stockton, Pervasive Media Studio, Daniel Bye and Arnolfini. I also had the pleasure of micro-commissioning 3 artists – Elizabeth Walshaw, Duncan Speakman and Kin. Duncan Speakman worked with Tineke De Meyer to produce a new audio work, Kin created an installation explore ‘waves’ within the atmosphere and Elizabeth helped me unlock the performer in myself.

The 14th of March was the first scratch of the show which included some video installations by me, collaborative audio pieces by me and Duncan and a solo performance  and a performative conversation with David Cousins all finished off with a live set with Duncan on guitar and synths and me on text. The show will continue to scratch in gallery, theatre and academic settings over the coming few months before a time of reflection and refinement. I will put some copy up when i get it but for now here are some photo’s.

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